Zoomlion Cleans Atomic Junction *After Deadly Gas Blasts


Following the deadly gas blasts at the Madina-Atomic junction last Saturday in Accra, waste management champions, Zoomlion Ghana Limited (ZGL), yesterday began an exercise to keep the scene of the incident clean.

About twenty-five (25) Zoomlion workers, comprising mainly sweepers, were at the scene of the gas explosion, sweeping the area and its environs.

The company also brought some of its rubbish trucks which were seen collecting the the refuse and going to dump them at various dumping sites in Accra. The objective of the exercise, Public Coordinator of Zoomlion, Accra Region, Seth Adzraku, told Today in an interview, is to the keep the scene of the explosion clean.

According to him, the exercise, which will last for some time, was part of his outfit’s corporate social responsibility. He indicated that the ‘huge gas explosion’ last Saturday at the Atomic junction had left in its wake sachets of ‘pure water’ and all kinds of debris at the Atomic junction.



“So Zoomlion, and as part of our corporate social responsibility, we have decided to come in and help with cleaning the area,” he said. Mr. Adzraku went on to disclose that they were working in collaboration with the La-Nkwantanang/Madina Municipal Assembly.

He explained that for now Zoomlion was not doing a major clean-up exercise, but basically, sweeping the scene of the incident to ensure a clean environ. This, he said, was in respect of the fact that investigations by state regulatory bodies and some security agencies were still on-going.

He assured that they will undertake a major clean-up exercise which will include fumigating the scene of the blasts and its surrounding environs. For now Mr. Adzraku noted that his company has successfully cleaned the scene of the incident, adding that Zoomlion personnel will, however, be there to ensure that the area is always kept clean.

Though the public coordinator of Zoomlion, Accra Region, sympathised with victims and bereaved families of the gas explosion, he urged residents in the area to be mindful of their environs.

“…My advice is that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness,’ and it will not be very fair for you to be drinking sachet water and putting it on the ground,” he advised. Sanitation, he averred, must come from within the people, stressing that “…we must all take it upon ourselves that we want the environment to be clean which will mean then that we will not be throwing things at unauthorised places.”

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