World Toilet Day



Photo: CDC


All that energy, all that fuel;

once nourishment that fueled our bodies;

by our gut’s process, now discarded;

Is it waste?

Is it fuel?

Is it a nuisance?

It is powerful! Odour, wise and more!

It is fuel, so unappreciated;

finding its way into our seas;

back to the cycle of life.

The toilet;

a means to collect the precious fuel;

The toilet;

so scarce, not every home has one;

so scarce, some have to queue to use one,

so scarce, some prefer to do ot their one way.

More toilets, more collection, more fuel for the world.

Find a toilet, do it in one,

build a toilet today

keep the world safe, cleaner and with more power.

Happy World Toilet Day.


Written By Albert Nii Armah Masoperh / Green Ghanaian Initiative


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