Uganda: NWSC to Begin Generating Electricity, Biogas in 2017

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has said the new sewerage plant being constructed in Bugolobi, will be ready by April 2017 and it will start generating electricity and biogas.

Speaking at the site inspection tour in Bugolobi on Friday, Dr. Silver Mugisha, the NWSC managing director said when completed, the project will deliver better health for Kampala city residents because its sewerage plant is of newer technology, it is bigger, bigger pipes have been laid to drain the sewerage and the sewerage will be used to generate electricity and biogas to be supplied to homes.

“We shall generate 650Kilowatts of electricity to run this plant and we shall also generate biogas, Kampala will be drained better and there will be improved health for people of Kampala,” he said.

Asked to comment on how investors who own wetlands where the project pipes are supposed to be laid have impacted on the project, Dr. Mugisha said the investors have taken NWSC to court demanding for compensation but the good thing is that court has sided with the corporation arguing that such compensation is not automatic because it is a given.

“Development without sewerage is not development. If you cannot discharge sewerage, that is not development. In Kinawataka, we had issues with a developer who took us to court demanding for compensation,” he said.

Asked whether it is now a government song to claim that land titles issued over wetlands are null to void, Ronald Kibuule, the state minister for environment said cabinet passed a resolution canceling all those titles arguing that no individual can own a wetland because wetlands benefit millions of people and the same applies to projects that pass through wetlands.

“Cabinet passed a resolution that you cannot own a land title on a wetland and we have started the procedure of canceling those titles. We are going to budget for protection of all catchment areas,” he said.

Last month, city businessman, Sudir Ruperalia, dragged NWSC to court over attempts to lay pipes on his property in Kinawataka swamp where court overruled him. This newspaper has learnt that more businessmen in Kampala including Sikander Meghani of Megha industries, Godfrey Nyakana the former Mayor Central division, Tom Mugenga among others, have also blocked NWSC from utilizing wetlands which they acquire illegally.



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