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There was time,

When precious minerals laid abundant on, in and on the banks of rivers and streams whenever it rained;

the wealth was everywhere, not that we did not see it and profit from it.

Then a time came, when the value of this precious wealth was “discovered” by visitors and it’s value shot up exponentially (the rest is History).

What do we see now when it rains?

A new form of wealth, shrouded in Illusion;

Floating in a not, if not all our gutters (a lot of which used to be rivers and screams when they were younger and “less civilized by inhabitants).

circle flood

Like in the past, we did not see the full value of this wealth.

Are we awaiting for visitors once more to use this wealth floating in out gutters whenever it rains?

Are we going to sit there and leave this wealth to continue washing away into the sea (helping cause floods on it’s “glorious journey of waste”.

Are we waiting for foreigners to come and tell us it’s value before we see its value?

….The wealth, tagged as waste, washed away, helping flood our lives, all because we do not value it.




proper waste management.


Source: GreenGhanaian Initiative / Albert Masoperh