Rainstorm displaces 850 people in Bawku

Rainstorm has hit some parts of Bawku and its environs displacing about 850 people and destroying homes and other public property estimated to cost about Gh¢500,000.

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), in the Bawku Municipality attributed the huge destruction of public structures, especially educational institutions to shoddy work executed by government hired contractors.

Numerous basic educational institutions and health facilities were ripped up, while some classrooms of the Bawku senior high and Bawku Technical schools were also affected.

Besides, about 350 homes were destroyed in the Bawku town, while property including shops, market sheds, garages, cars, among others were affected.

Mr Sulemana Musah, Deputy Chief Disaster Control Officer in charge of the Bawku Municipal office of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) confirmed the ripping up of the roofs of the numerous basic educational institutions and health facilities and the destruction of some classrooms of the Bawku Senior High and the Bawku Secondary/ Technical Schools.

He attributed the damage to the public institutions to shoddy work by contractors and said on April 2, about 52 rooms and 300 people in the Baribari community were affected by the storm, while on April 30 of the same month, houses in communities including Jantiga, Kpweliwiaga, Sabone-Gari, South and North Natinga, Sabone-Zongo, Hausa –Zongo and Gingande had their share of the disasters.

The Bawkzua, Patilmey, Pussom, and the Daduri communities, were severely affected rendering most of the people homeless.

Mr Musah lamented that most of the trees that supported the houses against storms fell on houses destroying them and other property.

He said even though the situation was worrying, no death and casualties were recorded in the municipality and its environs from the storm.

Mr Musah said NADMO was collaborating with the Bawku Municipal Assembly to secure roofing sheets, nails, plywood, cements, mattresses, buckets, and blankets to help the affected victims.

The NADMO officer called on the people to take safety precautions by contracting qualified artisans to build their houses to avoid reoccurring disasters.

He said some of the private facilities affected used inferior building materials without any professional supervision and the public to go in for quality materials and engage professionals to help them with all types of construction business they undertake.

Alhaji Inusah Abubakar, Bawku Municipal Coordinating Director, expressed worry about the extent of the destruction in the area and said steps were being taken to avert similar disasters in future.

Alhaji Abubakar noted that government was committed to ensuring the safety of residence in the Bawku area and urged the people to support the effort by ensuring that their activities led to a disaster free environment.

He called on the residents to plant trees around their homes as the area was located within a sub-desert reach.


Source: Ghana Business News

Brong Ahafo Region: Strong winds wreak havoc in Amangoase

By: Anas Sabbit, Joy News


Hundreds of residents of Amangoase, a community under the Techiman municipal assembly in the Brong Ahafo Region have been displaced following strong winds.

The winds that preceded a heavy downpour have wreaked havoc to properties as the roofs of scores of houses are ripped off.

Over 50 households were affected in the incident that hit Sunday afternoon.

Many of the displaced persons are still struggling to seek temporary accommodation and are asking for aid from the government.

Properties such as clothing, mattresses, foodstuffs, electrical appliances like fridges, television sets among others, worth hundreds of cedis, were also destroyed.

The downpour that followed also caused damage as over 20 electric power poles were knocked down – causing the entire community to live without electricity.

According to residents, the situation is affecting everything they do as the main source of water in the community needs power to work.

One of the residents affected by the incident, Barkisu, a widow and a mother of six foresees difficult times ahead.

She says the rain has destroyed everything she owns including her children’s school uniforms and books.

Her greatest wish, she tells Joy News, is to get assistance to put up a proper roof at least.


Source: modernghana.com

Are we ready for the rains?

Last Tuesday’s rains came as no surprise to many people who are familiar with the weather pattern of the country. What surprised many weather watchers, however, was the severe storm that accompanied the early rain.


Farmers jubilate when it rains because the rains ‘nourish’ their farms and help the crops blossom.

Meanwhile, some members of society do not jubilate when it rains heavily and continuously for personal and, sometimes, selfish reasons.

Those who frown upon the onset of the rains include the homeless and contractors and artisans working on projects that require sustained sunshine to dry  and stabilise the concrete or earth works.

Even those who wish there are no rains at all know that good rainfall is needed for our survival.

Whatever the case, farmers and everybody in society prepare for the rains. The rains precede the hot weather, during which period heat waves make life uncomfortable for all.

Therefore, as the harmattan weather eases, the people expect the rains to set in to reduce the heat and help farmers prepare the land for the planting of their crops.

Last Tuesday’s rains came as no surprise to many people who are familiar with the weather pattern of the country. What surprised many weather watchers, however, was the severe storm that accompanied the early rain.

Having learnt from the bitter experiences of the past, especially the June 3, 2015 incident when more than 150 lives were lost in the twin fire and flood disaster, some people started calling relations and friends to take precautions.

There are reports of destruction all over the city of Accra and other parts of the country, with Parliament House not being spared.

Fortunately, apart from the destruction to properties, there was no report of casualty and that is good news, indeed.

However, the less-than-an-hour rain again exposed our unpreparedness for the rainy season. Last Tuesday, the storm was devastating but the rain was not heavy and, therefore, Accra never recorded floods.

The slight rainfall did, however, flood gutters and shallow drains and water courses and exposed the filth in our city.

The Daily Graphic calls on the government to retool all the institutions responsible for humanitarian relief, so that they can provide the kind of relief required in times of emergency.

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), the district assemblies and the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) must be empowered to be in readiness for the rainy season, the possible floods and disasters.

The Daily Graphic thinks that, as a nation, we are not ready for the rains, as our lack of preparedness was exposed by last Tuesday’s rain.

The streets were littered with all kinds of refuse because the city authorities have not been able to whip the residents into line to respect sanitation regulations. We know that Zoomlion Ghana Limited, one institution that has played a yeoman’s role in the management of waste in the country, has always hearkened to the needs of the people.

It is our conviction that on the ‘eve’ of the rainy season, Zoomlion and other stakeholders will co-ordinate their activities to get the country in readiness for the rains.

The Daily Graphic urges the government to take disaster preparedness to another level where the country can have a rainy season without the perennial flooding.

We ought to be ready for the rains and their associated challenges.


Source: graphic.com.gh

Tuesday rainstorm: We didn’t see it coming – Ghana Meteorological Agency

By: Austin Brako-Powers, Myjoyonline.com

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) says it did not anticipate the nature of storm that hit parts of the country on Tuesday.

Senior Meteorologist, James Dusu told Joy News they had expected some rains along the coast but not in the form witnessed.

A deadly storm which struck on Tuesday destroyed some homes and properties in major parts of the country.

Ghana’s legislature suffered colossal destruction when its roofing came thundering down resulting in an abrupt adjournment of a sitting held under a certificate of urgency.

Media men who were seated in the public gallery were spotted harvesting the water into pet bottles.

Water gushed unrestrained into the GHC16 million refurbished building which was done by Messrs China State Hualong Construction Limited in 2014.

Several other buildings, electric transformer, electric poles and some economic trees were damaged in the course of the storm.

No death has been recorded so far in the rainstorm.

The weather agency said it never expected the rainstorm which hit the Greater Accra and Central Regions.

Mr Dusu explained the storm developed over Southern and Coastal Benin and headed to Togo but did not see it coming to Ghana.

He admitted they had expected a storm but not of the strength witnessed.

“Sometimes these storms begin and come after some number of days…but we do not usually see these storms in February,” Mr Dusu said.


Source: mordenghana.com