Salaga Gets Urban Water System


President Akufo-Addo has assured residents in the East Gonja District of the Northern Region that the Salaga Water Plant will be incorporated into urban water supply system.

Salaga has been part of the community based water supply system for a very long time, but the population has increased beyond 5,000 customers.

The president therefore directed that the Salaga Water Supply System be absorbed into the urban water supply system to make the supply of water regular in the area.

President Nana Addo gave the assurance that his government would address the numerous problems to improve their lives.

He added that the government would ensure the completion of the Salaga-Tamale Road and other government projects in Salaga.

Meanwhile, the president has revealed that government would support some Israeli investors, who are in the area to grow rice.



The President said the investors have expressed interest in supporting government to establish the university College of Agriculture, which would provide training in modern methods of farming and also help improve the yield of farmers in the area.

The president assured trainee nurses in the area that promises made to them would be fulfilled to improve the health sector.

Kpembe-wura Babanye Bismarck Haruna Deri commended the president for introducing many interventions and pro-poor programmes since assuming office.

“My subjects and I are very happy about the interventions and are solidly behind you with their support, prayers and blessings.

However, Kpembe-wura Babanye Bismarck Haruna Deri stressed that over the years, the results of basic school children in Salaga have been appalling.

This, according to him, could be attributed to the limited number of trained teachers posted to the area.

Kpembe-wura Babanye Bismarck Haruna Deri also blamed the situation on bad roads in the area.

He therefore called on the president and his government to, as a matter of urgency, complete the numerous projects in the area.

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