Liberia: MOH to Embark On Water Inspection

In the midst of the huge proliferation of Mineral Water Companies, the Ministries of Health, Commerce and Industries, Public Works and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are soon to embark on a vigorous inspection campaign.

Making the disclosure over the weekend at his Health Ministry’s Office, the Director for Division of Environmental and occupational Health, Director Dehwhen O. Yeabah said his division has the mandate to ensure the safe of drinking water in line with the public health law and the inspection will be done in collaboration with the Association of Liberia Water Producers (ALWP) to identify wanted companies and sub-standard companies.

Director Yeabah said the concern of sanitation at water producing cites have been key to his department and the ministry, adding that they have been working with couples of those companies to ensure that waste management is improve.

According to him, they have already served notice to several of those companies on the basis of waste management, “We have been working with Aqua Life, Oasis, York and couple of other water companies to have collaboration in improving the sector as it relates to sanitation, though they have not have the situation where companies have fail to corporate.

“We know that some of those companies are operating illegally in corners that we are not know of, but what method we have formulated is to form a taskforce which we have already developed the terms of reference what we will be during in the coming two weeks is to operationalize that task force which is comprised of the Ministries of Health as head, EPA and Commerce,” he said.

The health authority maintained that they are in the know that those legal mineral water companies are being strangulated by those companies that are not register with government, adding that they flood the market with alleged contaminated and polluted water, even though he said he cannot defense those legal companies, but he said the ministry has been working with them the they have improved they facilities.

He said during their inspection campaign, those illegal water companies will be ordered closed down, “But if you are legal companies but your facility is not up to standard, we give you time and if you fail to prepare your place after during our campaign for the second time, we ask the court to close you facility.

Director Yeabah mentioned that good working relationship with the Association of Liberia Water Producers (ALWP) and on the basis of that, they are asking nonregistered companies to register with the ALWP, with that, he said it will be easier for the ministry to identify them or else, they will be considered as splinter group.



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