Green Ghanaian Initiative National Eco Clubs Tour Kicks Off In Wa


Akyaa Nkrumah – Green Ghanaian Initiative team lead

Sparking green conversations across the country

The National Eco Clubs Tour being championed by the Green Ghanaian Initiative commenced on Saturday, 22nd October 2016.

The tour is aimed at providing the youth with tools to become change makers, including the use of social media: establishing personal and professional blogs, Twitter, Facebook page, etc., development of info-graphics for easy information sharing and advocacy.

The target audience is tertiary students, lecturers, and professionals.

Welcome to Wa

The team was hosted by the Environmental Resource Students Association (ERSA) at the Main Auditorium of the Wa campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS).

After about thirteen hours (13) on the road, the GGI team arrived in Wa, the Upper West regional capital at 7:10 am.

Nature cares for us

The workshop began with the first presentation – “A green Ghana: Why we must really care” delivered by Akua Akyaa Nkrumah, the Green Ghanaian Initiative team lead.


Akua delivering her presentation

Akua highlighted the benefits humans derive from the environment in the form of ecological services such as;
• Food and water,
• Flood and disease control and
• Nutrient cycling that maintains the conditions for life on earth.

In an interactive session which saw some volunteers join Akua on stage, she took participants through how to harness their passion together with their expertise and competencies to help provide solutions to environmental problems they identify in their communities.


Some UDS students in an engagement with Akua

Using Technology To Green

Rachel Hormeku spoke on the use of Digital Media for Civic Engagement. She took participants through the basics of various digital/social media platforms and how these can be used as tools for awareness creation and civic engagement among the youth with respect to environmental issues.

Rachel discussed with participants about what a blog is, how to start a blog and the benefits of writing blogs.


Rachel leading her session

Participants were then guided through the rudiments of setting up their twitter accounts since most were not conversant with this social media platform.


Hands-on session

Environmental education at your fingertips

To crown it all, Owusu Kwabena Subramaniam in his presentation gave an overview of the various digital/social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram available for engagement with the Green Ghanaian initiative.

He elaborated on the Green Ghanaian Initiative website and the Online Environmental Resources (OER) which is a pool of environment-related information categorized under; reports, policies, laws and legislations and workshops.

The OER is intended to inform and educate citizens on the environment and their role in safeguarding it.


Owusu Kwabena Subramaniam leading his session

Wrapping things up

The workshop ended with a lively and informative question and answer session where participants sought clarification on some of the new ideas they had been exposed to.

The Green Ghanaian initiative team also had the opportunity to receive feedback on the workshop from participants and suggestions regarding the inclusion of audiovisual content about various environmental issues on the website.


A participant sharing his thoughts

Next stops

The first stop of the national Eco Clubs tour; Wa was fun, informative and enlightening.

The remaining eight stops will definitely be the same.

Written by Isaac Kudu / Blogger / Green Ghanaian Initiative

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