About Us

The Green Ghanaian Initiative is a centre for environmental education, research and dialogue based in Ghana, West Africa.

GreenGhanaian.org is an online Environmental Resource Center, providing a one-stop-shop for all things environment in Ghana. It uses technology to spread knowledge, increase capacity and build conversation.

Ghana, just like any other nation, has its environmental challenges that it struggles to address. Though policies have been created to address many of these challenges, concrete development in areas of environmental regulation continues to be an illusion in Ghana. First, the existing policies are scarcely enforced without legal instruments ensuring their implementation. Second, environmental protection isn’t considered to be a primary concern to most Ghanaians and we believe this is because the connection to how it impacts their daily lives and future hasn’t been emphasized enough.  How can young citizens make this connection and embrace Ghana’s environmental challenges as their own?

This was the founding concept for GreenGhanaian.org – to create a hub of information for all who wish to know more and make a difference in Ghana’s trend of environmental protection. Providing users with a vibrant blog and daily news updates was an important first step. Starting out as a blog a few years back with a trickle of visitors, the website is now generating thousands of page views.

The Green Ghanaian Initiative takes this vision further by offering tertiary students internship opportunities to contribute to the website as citizen researchers and citizen journalists, amongst other opportunities.

Akua Akyaa Nkrumah, the Founder and Lead of The Green Ghanaian Initiative, oversees the operations in Ghana. Akyaa is an energetic environmental technologist and researcher with growing experience in the field of sanitation, waste management and behaviour change communication. Having worked in Ghana and the United States in research, consulting and waste-to-resource systems and technologies drives her desire to work for environmental education development. In starting The Green Ghanaian Initiative, Akyaa seeks to digitally empower millions of people in the country and all over the world.

The Green Ghanaian Initiative believes that no society can see its leadership prioritize environmental regulation unless its populace is regularly and thoroughly informed. By presenting blogs with daily news and providing resources supporting green living, we hope to play our part in creating a greener Ghana.

GreenGhanaian.org is wholly owned by The Green Ghanaian Initiative located in Accra, Ghana; P. O. Box AN 8313, Accra-North, Ghana, West Africa; Green.Ghanaian@gmail.com.